Which Soccer Wagerds Are The Most Profitable?

Gambling on football is a great way to leverage your deep knowledge of the sport to make extra money. However, to take advantage of your passion for soccer and actually outsmart those sharp bookmakers you need to use a winning strategy. Without a strategy, you are just relying on your intuition and luck which will undoubtedly run out. To help you out we are going to present you with 5 profitable and easy to follow sport gambling strategies. Check them out below!


Gamble On Goals Scored Over/Under

Forget worrying about which team will win as this market is very competitive and the sportsbooks do a great job of setting odds. Instead, focus on predicting the number of goals that will be scored in a match. Sportsbooks set an over/under for example 2.5 goals and if you bet the under and the total goals scored is 2 or less you win. This form of wagering offers great odds and sportsbooks often set the line incorrectly so you can take advantage and walk away a winner. Before placing this wager you need to do some research and check out the average number of goals legendary teams score and concede each match.

Wager On The Number Of Corners

You can make all sorts of football wagers, this includes a wide range of prop bets. One of the best soccer prop wagers is gambling on the over/under on the number of corners that will happen in a half or over the course of an entire match. This bet is simple to make and easy to research.
Before gambling on the number of corners you need to pull up the statistics for both teams and see what the average number of corners is. Then you need to see what the average is for the particular field they are playing at and all also take into account the weather and any lineup changes.

Double Chance Gambles

If you want to significantly cut down your risk while at the same time increasing your winning percentage then you need to make double chance wagers. With a double chance bet your gamble pays out if your chosen team wins or draws! You don’t have to worry about your side not finding enough attacking opportunities if they are solid in defense you can still win. The slight downside to double chance wagers is that they have much lower odds than other wagers but you can combat this problem by simply increasing your stake. With a double chance wager, we recommend gambling 5% of your bankroll.

Gambling On Favorites

There are legendary teams that simply can’t lose a soccer match and no matter what the odds are you shouldn’t bet against them. However, when using this strategy you need to be careful not to bet too heavily on the favorite as the potential payout is much lower but some teams are almost 100% guaranteed to win.

Making Smaller Wagers

The secret to a long and successful soccer gambling career is practicing sound bankroll management. To ensure you don’t go broke you should only bet 1% to 2% of your bankroll on each bet. It doesn’t matter how you are picking teams to win, if you bet too much of your money on each individual wager you will go broke very fast. The best soccer gamblers are extremely disciplined with how they manage their money.

Time To Act!

Now you know the 5 most profitable soccer gambling strategies, it is time to put them into action and start earning some cash! Simply sign up at a sports wagering site, find a soccer match, and place a gamble.