What You Have To Do Before Gambling On Football

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just bet big on a legendary team every week and they would give you a license to print money? Unfortunately, walking away a winner when gambling on a football is a little more challenging. Before you dive head first into soccer wagering we thought we would break down some key things to consider. Check them out below:

Don’t Make Your Average Wager Size Too Large

Millions of football gamblers have lost their bankrolls by betting too aggressively. Prior to gambling on football, you have to allocate a certain amount of money that you will use exclusively for betting. Then you should use 1% to 2% of this money for each individual wager. For example, you have a bankroll of $1000 and you want to bet on Chelsea to beat Arsenal then you would bet between $10 to $20. By practicing bankroll management you will avoid heavy losses and won’t go lose your entire bankroll on a single bet.

Only Wager With Reputable And Trustworthy Sportsbooks

The last thing you want to do is make a big winning bet at some shady betting site only to have the site not honor your wager and run off with your deposit. While most sportsbooks are secure and legal there are some nefarious operators that you should actively avoid.
When looking for a top gambling site you should only deposit at sites that are fully licensed by a reputable gaming authority such as the UK, Malta, or Gibraltar. Licensed sportsbooks are forced to follow the tough regulations set out by the licensors. These regulations involve providing fair odds, separating and safeguarding players’ funds, and encrypting the site to prevent payment details and personal details from being stolen.
You should stick to sportsbooks that have a strong reputation and have been in business for many years as these sites are likely to continue to offer a strong product and be in a stable financial position. Finally, you should find a site that has extensive football gambling markets that allow you to make a range of different wagers on leagues from around the world. Before deciding on a site ensure you compare multiple operators and only choose the best.

Do Your Research Prior To Sports Wagering

When you are gambling on football you should consider yourself a financial trader. With every wager you place, you need to develop a thesis for why it has sense. This thesis needs to be supported by statistics and research. If you are only placing your money on football matches based on feeling and gut instinct this is a bad sign and surely a losing strategy. To perform statistical research on football matches you need to review previous matches and look at things such as the average number of goals, which players were scoring the goals, the number of goals conceded, how were the goals scored and conceded and why were the goals scored and conceded. When you can answer these questions with in-depth answers then you are ready to make wagers.

Don’t Just Place One Bet

Did you know that professional sports gamblers are often wrong 40% or more of the time? This means that even professionals lose a huge percentage of their bets. This is why if you want to become a consistent long-term winner you need to place lots of wagers. Don’t be shy to experiment with different wagering styles until you find one where you have an edge. We recommend you explore more obscure bets such as over/unders on the number of goals, yellow cards, and corners.

Time To Gamble On Football!

You are now equipped with all the information you need to have an amazing football wagering experience. If you follow our tips you should have no problem making smart wagers!