Simple And Easy Guide To Football Betting

Sports gambling takes a great deal of skill and discipline to excel at. Prior to placing bets on football matches, you need to understand the fundamentals of the industry. If you build strong fundamentals you can speed up your learning process and quickly turn yourself into a skilled expert. With our simple guide, we are going to share with you the basics of football gambling. You can use these simple tips immediately to start making profitable football wagers.

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Become A True Football Expert

Before you even think of risking your money you need to make sure you have a sufficient level of knowledge concerning soccer. While this tip seems extremely obvious you would be surprised at the number of people who think they can outsmart the sportsbooks without knowing much about football at all! If you are already a diehard football fan who lives and breathes the sport and loves pouring through all the different statistics then this doesn’t apply to you. This tip sounds very obvious, right? If you are a soccer fan, this might not apply to you, but for new soccer fans, you must familiarize yourself with the sport. Luckily, soccer is an easy game to understand, and there is plenty of information available on the sport.
When looking to build expert football knowledge, you need to understand the rules of the games, the different leagues, what the legendary teams are, and understand the underlying factors that make players and teams successful. If you build in-depth knowledge in these areas you should be able to identify high value bets and take advantage of sportsbooks when they get their odds wrong.
The Best Soccer Gamblers Are Patient
Fortunes aren’t built overnight by gambling on football. Sure some people get extremely lucky with huge underdog or accumulator bets but these are essentially lottery winners. Professional football gamblers often have a success rate of under 60% which means it takes them thousands of wagers before they make substantial amounts of money. And they have to ensure lots of downturns where they are losing money.

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If you want to become successful at betting on soccer then you need to work hard every day and continue to make lots of different wagers. You also can’t give up when you go through a losing streak or overate your skills when every bet you make is a winner. Remember to stay patient and continue with your strategy. If you do this eventually you will become a consistent winner and turn your hobby into a profession.

Understand How Football Matches Are Won And Lost

To accurately predict the outcome of soccer matches you can’t just rely on blind luck and prayers. You actually need to understand the underlying factors that cause certain to win and others to stumble. Some of the factors are obvious such as the talent of the players and the quality of the coach but others are a little more nuanced and require some extra study. Some of the most important factors that impact the outcome of a football match include:

Too many beginner football gamblers waste their time trying to pick which legendary teams will win a match or win the league. The issue with this strategy is that sportsbooks are extremely good at setting lines for these markets and there is often little value to be found. If you want to place profitable football bets you need to go looking in more exotic gambling markets. Some of the most popular soccer wagers include:

Handicap – The favored team receives a goal handicap and you only win if your team can overcome the handicap. For example, Arsenal is playing Millwall and Arsenal has a -1 goal penalty, for your Arsenal bet to win they have to win by 2 goals or more.

Over/Under Total Goals – The sportsbook will set the over/under for the number of goals and you have to predict if it will be higher or lower.

First Goalscorer – Simply place money on the team or player who you think will score the first goal of the match.

Both Teams To Score – In this bet you don’t care about the final result or which team won, you care if both teams managed to slot the ball through the net. Even if your favorite team loses 5-1 with this bet you still win!

Draw No Bet – Make a draw no bet to reduce your risk! With this bet, if the team you predicted to win draws you receive your stake back and lose no money!

Double Chance – A double chance is similar to a draw no bet except receiving your stake back if a draw occurs you win additional cash.

Detach Your Emotions From Gambling

One fundamental mistake football gamblers face is becoming too emotionally invested in the betting process. It is no surprise that a majority of soccer gamblers are diehard supporters who love certain teams. Unfortunately, this passion for a particular side can result in them making poor bets that are governed by emotion rather than logic. When betting on football you need to put your allegiances aside and only place bets when the odds and your research co-align.
Another big mistake soccer gamblers make is becoming angry after losing and placing impulse wagers in an effort to chase losses. You need to remember that you can’t win all the money in a single day but you can definitely lose your entire bankroll. When you are feeling emotional you are better off taking the day off from football gambling and doing something else with your time. Don’t worry there will always be opportunities to make money!

Stop Waiting – Start Betting!

Thanks to our intro guide to all things football betting you now have all the knowledge required to start making profitable and sensible bets. Remember to follow every single one of the tips and enjoy the process because when done correctly football gambling can be great fun and enhance your viewing experience.